You may have noticed it browsing online. Nearly 80,000 websites – including big names Airbnb, Facebook, Google, and Amazon – are all protesting. The digital demonstration coincides with crowds gathering at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Why? Answer: a shared outrage over new plans to roll back net neutrality rules.

Laptop Mag editor Paul Wagenseil explained net neutrality: “The idea is that every packet on the internet, every piece of data is treated equally by the internet service providers, like Time Warner/Spectrum of Comcast or whoever you have handling your home or business data connection.”

That means the net neutrality debate impacts just about everyone who uses the internet.

Read the full article by Dan Bowens:


Paul Wagenseil, cyber editor at Tom’s Guide, discusses the latest WannaCry Ransomware attack and offers advice.

“This is a cyber criminal effort, entirely for financial gain,” said Wagenseil. “You pay [the ransom to release your data] to a BitCoin address, no one knows where that address is.”

Wagenseil says that hospitals and small businesses will be the most vulnerable to the attack, since they don’t always have the capacity to update their security systems. So, what can you do?

Keep your system updated with the latest patch level and have a certain awareness of fishing attacks.

Check it out here:


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