New video advertising capabilities improve user experience, reduce latency on sites and increase ROI

 NEW YORK, December 7, 2016 – Purch, a digital publisher that connects content to commerce, today announced a new server-to-server integration for video header bidding in partnership with Index Exchange, the principled ad exchange for publishers. These new capabilities, built upon years of Purch’s programmatic innovation with standard media, reduce latency issues, resulting in a better experience for users, while also improving transparency and competition for both the publisher and third-party exchanges.

“One of the biggest challenges to publishers is to balance greater monetization with a positive user experience. At Purch, we’ve always put the interests of the user first,” said John Potter, Chief Technology Officer at Purch. “Instead of taking the more common approach to video header bidding, we’ve invested in building our own solution to connect to multiple exchanges via server-to-server connections, which is inherently faster and leads to a better experience for our users. Through the Index Exchange partnership, we’re expecting a 30-50% increase in yield.”

While header bidding significantly reduces latency compared to the traditional tag-based waterfall, server-to-server integrations represent a new chapter of advancement. Through this integration, Purch can simultaneously auction banner and video ads with unlimited demand sources – without adding any extra latency on the page.

“While we’re almost a full decade into the era of programmatic for display, innovation in the programmatic video supply chain has lagged behind, often still widely reliant on the waterfall model. In the case of Purch, we’re witnessing a level of innovation not yet seen in typical publisher video monetization models,” said Shael Fryer, VP of Enterprise at Index Exchange. “Purch is ensuring they are maximizing their transparency within the bidding landscape which will ultimately garner a better ROI.”


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