More than half of all gifts purchased this year for Christmas will be technology related, according to new research.

The findings come from Purch’s 2017 Christmas Spending Survey, conducted independently by OnePoll among 2,000 18-55 year olds.

Key Results:

  • More than half of the tech gifts (52%) purchased as gifts this year will be for children
  • 41% of respondents said they would be shopping for technology related christmas gifts during black friday this year.
  • 22% will be shopping for tech in the first two weeks of December.
  • Tablets and video games will rule this year as top tech purchases during black friday with 24% and 22% of shoppers respectively.
  • Only 8% will purchase cameras, and only 7% were interested in purchasing voice activated smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home.
  • A third of consumers say that Brexit price uncertainty means they are more likely to shop for bargains during Black Friday.
    The average spend on technology related gifts this year is estimated at £404
  • Trust in social media and TV ads is at an all-time low, possibly as a backlash to the fake news epidemic that has taken hold this year

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More coverage of the survey can be found on MarketingTech.


As we enter the final stretch of 2017, many marketing managers and decision makers will be starting to prepare for next year.

A constant theme of modern marketing is the breakneck pace of technological change. Every year sees innovations in the way that consumers interact with brands and in the methods that companies can use to reach out to their audiences.

2017 has been no different, with a host of new technologies breaking into the mainstream. So, what will UK marketers be aiming to incorporate into 2018’s sales and marketing strategies? Digital content company Purch asked 100 marketing managers in a bid to find out.

Read the rest of this article by Colm Hebblethwaite on MarketingTech.


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