By Nana Sidibe

When it comes to gift shopping, a new survey suggests a scenario some may consider a nightmare come to life: young men and women have similar tastes as Dad.

Digital publishing company Purch surveyed 1,000 participants, and found that many students in the 18 t0 24 age group shared similar preferences with their fathers in technology gifts.That would make it easier to shop for their dads.

Both students and fathers aren’t looking for bestseller or most popular items, according to Purch, which holds lessons for retailers and shoppers alike. The firm’s data showed that people from both age groups are likely to skip the bestseller section of a e-commerce website. Only 22 percent of dads reported liking bestseller or most popular items, the study showed, with the percentage for students even smaller at 13 percent.

Within gift choices themselves, there are key similarities with the broader public. Dads and their younger counterparts both favor mobile phones, laptops, and TVs, Purch found, with cellulars ranking first for tech gifts purchased within the past six months.

As one might expect, price and comparison shopping were key motivators.

“Out of the seven activities, the most frequent activity for both segments was to check price and availability at different retailers,” said Erin Kapczynski, Purch’s vice president of digital marketing.

Ninety one percent of dads were comparing different retailers compared to 87 percent of students.

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