Of the many proposed Trump administration policy changes, new tax reform changes would have the biggest impact on small and medium business (SMB) owners, according to a new survey released today by Business.com of SMB owners nationwide.

Tax reform would have a greater impact than changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), survey respondents said.

Tax reform was the number one concern for 52% of SMB owners, with 46% saying they are holding off on making any big decisions on their business while tax change uncertainty is the air. Changes to ACA are a major concern of 74% of respondents, with 33% of respondents ranking it first and 41% ranking it second.

Other key findings include:

  • 49% of respondents see tax bracket change as their biggest tax reform concern, while 30% were more concerned with changes to deductions.
  • More than 49% of SMB owners say the ACA has harmed their business, and 70% believe its repeal would have a positive impact on the bottom line.
  • SMB owners are less concerned with changes or a repeal to DACA and NAFTA.
    • Only 14% of respondents currently take advantage of the free trade tenets of NAFTA, and the majority of those respondents are in the manufacturing industry.
    • Only 8% of respondents say DACA has a strong impact on their budgeting, but 25% of respondents did say their customer base would be affected if DACA was repealed.

“Tax policies really impact the bottom line for SMBs, so these business owners are watching Washington closely to see how these reforms play out and what the timeline for implementation might be,” says Doug Llewellyn, President and COO of Purch, which owns and operates the Business.com brand. “Businesses always find uncertainty challenging to navigate, especially tax uncertainly. That’s why Business.com is giving SMBs up-to-date information and access to experts to help them navigate the uncharted tax landscape.”

The Business.com survey ran September 25-29, 2017, with nearly 700 Business.com members across a variety of industries from around the country responding. For more information on the survey, please visit https://www.business.com/articles/tax-reform-biggest-concern-to-smbs/


Putting a dollar amount on what your small/medium sized business is worth can be a very difficult task. In fact, 85 percent of the world’s 200 million small businesses don’t know what they’re worth. Enterprise level companies can even struggle with this and often hire outside help to assist with the evaluation. There are many factors that can go into a valuation. Plus, small business owners can often be emotionally attached to the business — failing to really look at the situation objectively.

What’s the solution? Purch‘s website Business.com wants to take a lot of the guesswork out of evaluating the worth of small and medium sized businesses and has launched the Business.com Report Card, powered by BizEquity.

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Business.com partners with BizEquity to give SMBs competitive advantage with big-business insights into market value.

(New York, July 19, 2017) Purch’s Business.com has launched the Business.com Report Card, powered by BizEquity, a small business valuation service that gives small-to-medium businesses realistic estimates of their value and comparisons with regional and national industry averages to help SMB owners better understand and grow their businesses.

Built on Purch’s already robust community of 5.7 million SMB members, Business.com relaunched in April as a content and commerce marketplace that connects industry-specific communities of small business owners with the experts who can help them grow their businesses. The Business.com Report Card, developed in part with online business valuation leader BizEquity, is the latest tool in the company’s growing SMB portfolio that gives small business owners access to vital business development services that were previously unavailable to them.

“Business.com continues to revolutionize the small business publishing model,” said Greg Mason, CEO of Purch. “This new SMB valuation tool fills a gap in the market by creating a ‘Zillow-like’ service for small businesses that helps SMB owners better understand their business’ value and gain clearer insight into their competitive standing.”

In addition to giving SMBs big-business insights through the key valuation metrics of asset, equity, enterprise, and liquidation, in the coming months, Business.com will allow SMBs to: Buy, sell or advertise their business; Manage local listings; Monitor reviews, social sites, and keyword/SEO performance; And compare business services ranking in relevant industries to what competitors are using.

The Business.com Report Card will be available for use across all the industries served by Business.com, including restaurants/hospitality, construction/general contracting, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, travel, and financial services.


Doug Llewellyn is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Purch, a New York City-based digital publishing and marketplace platform that helps more than 100 million users make better buying decisions. Purch is now relaunching Business.com, a platform that allows Purch to develop an ecosystem for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new Business.com provides entrepreneurial expertise, products and services, all of which are crucial for SMBs to navigate complex buying decisions and gain a competitive advantage.I had the opportunity to hear from Doug and learn what value Business.com is bringing to growing businesses.

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Small and medium businesses bullish on rollback of regulations, but political uncertainty remains a cause for concern

(New York, May 1, 2017) Almost 70% of small and medium business (SMB) owners are optimistic they’ll see business growth, expansion, or increased revenue over the next 12 months, but their enthusiasm is tempered by unease over political uncertainty in Washington, according to a new survey released today by Business.com.

Driving their optimism is the administration’s plans for deregulation, with 61% of respondents saying the promise of deregulation has impacted their business investment plans, 34% going even further to say the impact would be great. Excessive regulations hinder hiring, according to 56% of SMB owners, while 33% see regulations blocking investment in new technology, software, and equipment. Of the respondents who envisioned an acquisition or other liquidity event over the next year, 63% said it would be facilitated by deregulation.

As to the greatest threat to their businesses’ survival, more than a quarter of respondents (26%) said “political uncertainty.” The other top responses, “taxes” (32%) and “regulations” (21%), both hinge on the unsettled political climate in Washington.

“Our Business.com survey shows that the people who drive the vital small and medium business sector of our economy clearly expect proposed deregulations from the Trump administration to stimulate business growth, investment, and acquisitions,” says Doug Llewellyn, President and COO of Purch, which recently relaunched Business.com to bring together industry-specific communities of small business owners with the experts who can help them understand and grow their businesses. “Given the central role of SMBs nationwide, growth in that sector can have ripple effects throughout the economy. But a lot of the current optimism rests on Washington, so it’s not surprising that political uncertainty looms so large in their threat assessments.”

The Affordable Care Act drew mixed responses with 32% saying it had no impact on their growth, 26% feeling it impacts how and when they hire, and 26% saying it affects how and when they spend. And while 48% think health insurance regulations are among the most restraining they face, 59% saw governmental applications, licenses, and reviews as even more restrictive.

The Business.com survey ran April 10-17, 2017, with nearly 900 Business.com members across a variety of industries from around the country responding. For more information on the survey, please visit https://www.business.com/articles/small-business-optimism-trump-survey/.

To learn more about Purch and its owned and operated brands, please visit www.purch.com.

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