By Lucia Moses

It’s no longer enough for publishers to have indiscriminate scale. But measuring whether readers like your site has always been tricky. It’s hard enough to figure out where people are coming from, what they’re reading and why they leave. And metrics can be abused, as anyone who’s clicked through a multi-page online slideshow knows.

Purch is trying to change all that. Purch is a network of 15 tech sites including Top Ten Reviews, Live Science and Tom’s Guide, with product review-driven e-commerce a core part of its business. The company is trying to replace the timeworn pageview with a new reader engagement score based on how deeply a reader goes with content.

”The age-old pageview metric seems very antiquated,” Purch CEO Greg Mason said. “[The engagement score] is just a more intellectually honest way to rally around what it’s going to take to get more engagement around a brand.”

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