GIFT-BUYING season has arrived, and you might as well save some money while you’re at it. Plenty of apps can help make you a smarter shopper.

It may seem obvious, but the Amazon app is an excellent tool to have on your phone as you peruse the offerings at your local mall.

The app’s product pages can provide information about an item that you may not learn from an in-store display, and if you prefer to order the item from Amazon instead of buying in the store, the app has a built-in product-recognition system. Simply hold the item in front of your phone’s camera and the app will show Amazon search results that match the product.

I often use Amazon’s app to compare prices and check customer reviews, which may help me decide what products to buy. But the app’s design is beginning to look a little dated, and the menus and interface can sometimes feel clunky and confusing. The app is free on iOS and Android.


The Amazon app is a helpful tool while perusing the offerings in stores.

Clothing is a popular shopping category, and a number of apps can help you find just the right outfit for the right price. My favorite clothes shopping app that caters to high-end fashion is Farfetch. It focuses on luxury brands and designer labels, including many discounted items. When you sign up for a free account, you choose to shop for men or women and then are presented with a selected list of deals on many kinds of clothing.

From there, you can choose to filter items by designer or by criteria like “new in today” or “sales,” or you can search for specific items. The app has many images, making it easy to navigate various submenus for accessories or jewelry. You can swipe through the many photos on the screen once you have narrowed your search parameters.

When you find, say, a nice-looking pair of Jimmy Choos, you can tap to see more product details. Then you can check size information and the shipping policy, click the “order by phone” button or go to the website to type in any questions you have about the product before you buy it.

Farfetch is upfront about delivery and return policies, and in general it’s a breeze to use. The app is free on iOS and Android.


The ASOS app, a photo-heavy online shopping app.

If you want to browse lower-price clothing, the ASOS app has you covered. Also a photo-centric online shopping app, ASOS features deals on clothing items that typically cost tens of dollars instead of hundreds. It, too, is free on iOS and Android.

ShopSavvy is a different kind of shopping app: It searches the internet constantly, looking for deals in different stores for various products, and then presents all the results as a news feed of deals. You can search for sales in different stores, including big retailers like Target, or scan a bar code or search for a particular product and then ask the app to check for an in-store deal on the item nearby.

You can even set up price-tracking alerts, so the app will let you know if the price of a particular item you are eyeing has gone down. This app is fun to use, and it could save you money. ShopSavvy is free on both iOS and Android.

Lastly, Purchx is an app with a mission similar to ShopSavvy’s: finding you good prices for items. But while ShopSavvy focuses on deals, Purchx also incorporates customer reviews, collecting them alongside information on current prices. If you are trying to decide between, say, two similar television sets, the data in Purchx can help inform your choice. Purchx isn’t the prettiest shopping app, but it works well and is free on iOS and Android.

Quick Call

Swaying is an iPhone video-making app with a twist: It uses a faux 3-D effect to let you see around an object in a video. It records a clip when you circle your phone around the object you want to capture, and in playback mode you rotate your phone to see around the item. Unusual and satisfying, Swaying is free on iOS.


By Kristina Knight

Meanwhile, Purch has launched PurchX for Android; the new app is puts customers in contact with reviews, pricing and product information while they are in stores via their mobile devices. They have also integrated ShopSavvy’s pricing interface to the platform, allowing customers to opt-in to store discounts.

And, Mast has launched a platform for professionals who work from home or on a contract basis. Through the solution can create a ‘professional’ phone number on their personal mobile device; return calls to businesses will identify as the work phone number rather than the personal number.

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By Kristina Knight

In today’s mobile roundup to platforms that should give mobile consumers more relevant product and content information.

First, Purch is launching Purchx for iOS and the Purch Marketplace today. The launches should help retailers and brands improve their mobile shopping experience. Purchx is a mobile platform offering reviews and comparison shopping options to shoppers in-store; it can be used on both iPhones and iPads.

“As a company, we’re constantly seeking new ways to enhance the buying experience for everyday shoppers,” said Doug Llewellyn, COO of Purch. “Purchx builds on our online success with our reviews sites by creating a one-stop mobile resource for in-store or on-the-go shoppers, and giving them all the info they need to find the best possible product in the easiest, most convenient way possible. It’s an all-in-one mobile product guide.”

The Purch Marketplace is an online shopping and content platform allowing shoppers to browse and buy across electronics, software and smart home options.

Meanwhile, Crisp Media has partnered with Taste of Home on a recipe platform. Through the platform Taste of Home’s native recipe content will be leveraged into Crisp’s mobile platform, giving consumers mobile access to recipes, ingredients and other information as they are buying supplies. Native ads will be delivered to in-market consumers along with exclusive content that is geo-targeted to local stores.

“Our research found that 86 percent of grocery shoppers use their mobile device to prepare for grocery shopping and 59 percent use their devices at the supermarket. We can reach these consumers while they’re discovering, planning and shopping,” said Rich Sutton, Reader’s Digest Association’s Chief Revenue Officer; Taste of Home is an RDA brand. “Working with Crisp on this mobile custom activation platform allows us to look at user location, demographic, behavior and, most importantly, context to target the right consumer at the right time.”

And the Wi-Fi Alliance has launched Wi-Fi Aware and Wi-Fi Certified; the programs are validation services which allow mobile devices and applications to ‘discover’ one another before making a connection. This kind of connection should improve mobile personalization.

“Wi-Fi Aware exemplifies the continued innovation in our industry and our commitment to a terrific Wi-Fi user experience,” said Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “Wi-Fi Aware makes that user experience even richer by delivering immediate, dynamic awareness of the user’s environment.”

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By Laura Heller

Showrooming, once the enemy of retailers, is now an asset. Purchx provides a new way for shoppers to access reviews and compare prices on their smartphones, find the item in a nearby store, or in some cases, buy it from the new Purch Marketplace.

Purchx is the new incarnation of Consumr, which was bought in March 2015 by Purch. The mobile app contains more than 3 million peer-reviewed products that lets shoppers also compare prices and locate items in nearby stores.

Shoppers can scan an item’s barcode and search or browse to access product comparisons and reviews in the app. Users earn points toward rewards by engaging with the app rather than exclusively from purchases.

Purchx is a marriage of content and commerce, coming from the company that owns several product review sites including Top Ten Reviews, Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware and Live Science.

“As a company, we’re constantly seeking new ways to enhance the buying experience for everyday consumers,” said Doug Llewellyn, COO of Purch. “Purchx builds on our online success with our review sites by creating a one-stop mobile resource for in-store or on-the-go shoppers, and giving them all the info they need to find the best possible product in the easiest, most convenient way possible. It’s an all-in-one mobile product guide.”

Including an online store. Shoppers can buy some items directly from the new Purch Marketplace. The initial product selection is largely technology products, in keeping the focus of the existing Purch-owned media outlets. Purch launched digital storefronts to accompany its Live Science and titles in September 2014.

“Our readers go to our brands to figure out how to make the best possible decision when considering a purchase,” Llewellyn said. “Technology is an investment, so they want to feel confident and comfortable as they go through that process. What we’ve done with Purch Marketplace is combine our valuable content with a highly-curated online shopping experience that gives users the information they need and the products they want, all in a single, online environment.”

But Purchx is not limited to technology products. Reviews and comparisons are available for toys, beauty, baby, grocery, hair care, health, home and garden, personal and skin care, pet care products and sporting goods.

Purch CEO Greg Mason told FierceRetail last year that the company’s mission is to make complex purchases easier. The websites have more than 100 million monthly visitors and more than $1 billion in commerce transactions.

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