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On Monday, The New York Times announced it had purchased The Wirecutter and its sister site, The Sweethome, for just over $30 million. The deal gives the Gray Lady a new source of income and its first taste of affiliate marketing, a revenue stream publishers have been exploring to supplement display ad revenue.

The Times is hardly the first publisher to go there. Publishers have for years been trying to get credit for the purchases they inspire on their pages and websites. Some experiments are now scuttled, like New York magazine’s Shop-A-Matic and, but new ones are popping up all the time: In the past two months, relaunched as a commerce hub, and New York unveiled The Strategist, a web page offering product recommendations.

But these days, publishers aren’t trying e-commerce out as an experiment. Several publishers’ operations have gotten more sophisticated. Here are three ways publishers are making e-commerce into a real business.

Rewarding loyalty
Two years ago, Purch, a publisher of B2B and B2C brands that earns more than half of its revenue from e-commerce and lead generation, decided that it was overly reliant on search traffic, and that it needed to find a way to get more people to come back to its owned and operated sites.

Purch launched Perks, a loyalty site similar to another site it acquired, Active Junkie. Perks customizes its look and feel based on the site its visitors arrive from and has a loyalty program that offers cash to shoppers as a reward for buying there.

While Perks has only been live for a month, it’s already attracting the same number of daily users that Active Junkie did. “I’d much rather make $3 off you three times than $5 off you once,” said Phil Barrett, Purch’s senior vp and gm of shopper services. “Give away and build trust, and you will be rewarded.”

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Cash back and rewards program to extend across Purch’s brand portfolio

NEW YORK, September 22, 2016 – Purch, a digital content and commerce company that helps 100MM users make better buying decisions, today announced the launch of Purch Perks, a new loyalty layer to Purch’s already robust membership community – rewarding nearly 20 million existing members, while building and attracting new ones.

Purch and its brands are distinguished for first-rate buying reviews and advice in 1,200 categories spanning Tech, Consumer Electronics, Home, Health, Financial Services, Outdoor Goods, SMB, and more. The addition of the Purch Perks membership program further expands the company’s value proposition of “decision enablement” – helping users make the best purchases for their needs, and their wallet, through relevant reviews, advice, and seamless shopping extensions.

“As we continue to expand our content and commerce capabilities, we’ve thought a lot about high-value services that simplify the consumer purchase journey and create a tighter connection between buyers and sellers,” said Greg Mason, CEO of Purch. “Purch Perks is yet another service we’re offering to our members to seamlessly facilitate their buying decisions and cement their loyalty.”

Purch Perks is a strategic evolution of the company’s 2015 acquisitions of Active Junky and ShopSavvy. Perks is built on top of the Active Junky platform and is now available on the ShopSavvy App, one of the world’s largest mobile online shopping apps. Perks will be progressively incorporated into all other Purch brands, such as Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware,, and more, to create a more rewarding experience for loyal users.

Purch Perks benefits to include:

  • Cash back on many purchases;
  • Exclusive deals and offers to members;
  • Integration of decision enablement content from the Purch family of brands into the Perks experience;
  • Reward tiers for the most active and loyal customers;
  • Additional benefits to evolve over time, with increasing value based on participation and engagement.

To learn more about Purch Perks, visit To see how Purch is already integrating Perks into one of its brands, visit or download the app on iOS or Android.


About Purch

Purch, a digital content and commerce company, helps 100MM+ users make better buying decisions in more than 1,200 product categories spanning Tech, Consumer Electronics, Home, Health, Financial Services, Outdoor Goods, SMB, and more. The company’s “decision-enablement” content and services integrate across its portfolio of brands including Top Ten Reviews, Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware, Live Science, Shop Savvy, Purchx, Active Junky,, to guide users along their purchase journey.

The company’s performance and data-driven approach to connecting buyers and sellers has attracted more than 7000 marketing partners, including AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, Dell, LG, and many more – and drives more than $1 billion in commerce transactions, annually.

Purch is a high-growth, privately held company with more than 350 employees and offices across the U.S. and Europe. For more information on Purch, visit or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.



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