There isn’t too much I can about the ShopSavvy app, except we’re all cheap and we all shop online. Fair, there aren’t true hard statistics that all of us are cheap, but we like to save money. That is the purpose of the ShopSavvy app. The app has over 30 million downloads and over one million active monthly users. All of those users just want to save a buck. While I’m shopping at Goodwill, the rest of the world is using an app.

The highlights of ShopSavvy: it alerts you if a product is cheaper on another site before you buy. You can scan barcodes and search for the best price. The app does all the sale sorting for you so you don’t have to scroll as long and can go back to scrolling Facebook. Shows local sales at stores near you, not just online. Saves products you’re interested in and alerts you to sales.

It’d be nice if everyone had this app by Black Friday, so they could disperse a little bit and not crash the doors at Walmart. Disperse for sales!

ShopSavvy is available via Apple iOS (for the Apple Watch too) and Google Android.

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