By Kyle James

Retailers are notorious for finding clever ways to separate you from your hard-earned money. Many of these tactics, at first glance, seem completely harmless. After all, who doesn’t like free shipping, or an awesome return policy? But it’s not until we dig a little deeper into the motivation as to why these “perks” are offered, that we see the real reasoning. Here are a few of these so-called “perks” and how we can avoid the retail traps.

The Psychology of Free Shipping

Online retailers know free shipping is a big deal for shoppers. Approximately 96% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on a website that offers free delivery. But don’t let free shipping blind you to other important factors you should consider. Namely the price of the item, how costly it might be to return the item, and the reputation of the website. In other words, don’t let the attractiveness of free shipping keep you from doing a quick price comparison with an app like ShopSavvy. After all, free shipping isn’t that big of a deal if a competing retailer has a better price, even when factoring in shipping costs.

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