Email marketing is still a great way for publishers to drive engagement and conversions with their brands. Yet there’s a lot publishers can do to optimize their strategies. Email isn’t a build-it-and-forget-it platform. You should be constantly experimenting with ways to improve and manage your lists, value propositions and content and design, to name just a few areas. Here, we offer a ton of solid advice and recommendations from Anna Rawling, VP of digital engagement and retention at The Economist, and Phil Barrett, SVP at Purch, a content and commerce network of sites across consumer tech, lifestyle and entertainment.

• Mobile

Email marketing has not totally caught on with mobile yet. Barrett cautions that, for the most part, people are still reluctant to make purchases on their phones. Purch gets around this by sending customers an email that aggregates the products they viewed. “Even though the screens are massive now, people are hesitant to buy something on mobile,” he says.

“We have a feature in [mobile shopping app] ShopSavvy that we can send an email that has all the things they browsed. That way, they open the email again at home on the desktop where they are more comfortable. We use email as a facilitator between screens.”

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