Ditch those cheesy videos and embrace a new crop of high-tech training tools…

Purch, a digital publishing and marketplace platform based in New York City, recently started using Degreed, an online service that lets employees digitally track all of their desk-based self-guided training–such as watching a YouTube video on brand identity or taking a Khan Academy coding course. They can see how their skills stack up against others at their level or what they might need to learn to gain a promotion. Juli Weber, Purch organizational development manager, says letting employees chase their own interests has goosed engagement among her company’s 380 employees and has driven more face-to-face meetings.

“Pairing people up for a mentorship program is so old-school,” she says. “This lets us leave it open source. People can see who has the skills they need and who’s willing to mentor, and they’re more comfortable reaching out directly and having multiple mentors for multiple areas.”

Read the full article by Kate Rockwood on Inc.


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