By Greg Mason, CEO of Purch

For years, publishers have raced to win over new online audiences, wherever those audiences might be — on Facebook, Google and myriad other platforms that readers use every day. The thought process behind this mad chase was simple: To stay relevant, publishers reckoned, they had to reach as wide of an audience as possible, across as many platforms as possible — surely profitability would follow.

This thought process turned out to be partly correct; entire media empires have risen on the backs of digital platforms. But profitability? It turns out that the immense ad revenues associated with larger audiences were not a foregone conclusion. The platforms hosting those audiences, namely Google and Facebook, now guzzle up ad revenue like water at the finish line, taking $.70 of every new dollar spent my marketers, while leaving publishers with ad-supported business models high and dry.

But there is a way forward for those publishers that now find themselves floundering. To get ahead, they need to differentiate themselves ruthlessly.

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By Peggy Anne Salz

Our increasing expectation that mobile can deliver personal and relevant information, assistance and advice every step of the daily journey paves the way for exciting and innovative approaches that combine content and marketing to suit individual context, preference and ‘need-state’. Eager to take advantage of new opportunities at the intersection of content and commerce, Purch, which operates Web sites such as Top Ten Reviews and Tom’s Guide, is pursuing a bold strategy to make complex buying decisions easy and actionable for ‘mobile-first’ consumers. The acquisition of ShopSavvy, one of the largest mobile shopping apps (available on iOS and Android) with more than one million active monthly users and 30 million downloads to date, is the latest move in Purch’s wider push to equip consumers with information as they seek to research, find and buy the products that are best for them.Peggy Anne Salz — mobile analyst, nine-time author and Content Marketing Strategist at MobileGroove — catches up with Phil Barrett, senior VP at Purch, to discuss how publishers can tap mobile to make the most of their assets, grow their audience and — ultimately — bridge the digital realm and the physical world.

Purch focuses on what it calls ‘service-oriented publishing’, first buying titles and websites for the content, and now acquiring ActiveJunky, Consumr and most recently ShopSavvy for the mobile capabilities and apps to deliver content and price comparisons in the ‘mobile moment’. Based on your experience how should publishers use content to drive commerce effectively — and why does it seem that so many publishers have got it so wrong?

A lot of publishers got it wrong because they started out just looking for ways to do the same thing, but on a smaller screen.  They have failed on mobile because they have tried to provide a smaller, bite-size version of what people can already get on other screens — PCs, TV and online. People move around in the real world and in the funnel, and this changes the context of where and how consumers want to get to information. At Purch we’re about helping people as they make complex buying decisions, so we have focused our efforts on building high-utility, single-purpose mobile apps that assist consumers in key activities at key points in the journey. Our customers want to find out something, or they validate what someone just told them or shared with them. Further on in the journey they also want to be sure they are getting the best price when they are standing in the shop and before they make the decision to buy.

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