Leading Digital Marketplace Platform Now Has Unparalleled Ability to Guarantee Validity of Traffic to Marketers

NEW YORKOct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – With bot traffic and audience verification hot-button issues for advertisers and marketers, the digital publishing and marketplace platform Purch is rolling out new features across its 25 owned and operated (O&O) brands and partner sites to combat growing ad fraud threats. The move comes as Purch is already surpassing the independent verification of Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) global benchmark by a full 10 percentage points when compared to buys that are not using ad fraud prevention technology, highlighting the platform’s ability to consistently deliver authentic content to authentic audiences.

“While marketers and advertisers rely heavily on digital marketing to reach audiences quickly, at scale, they question who exactly is engaging with these campaigns and in what context. Purch is committed to pushing the boundaries of how we protect our sites, and those of our partners, by offering the best brand safety and audience verification possible,” said Greg Mason, CEO of Purch.

Purch recently rolled out a new Javascript-based bot detection system as an integrated part of RAMP, the company’s programmatic platform. The new bot detection system provides Purch and all of its publishing partners on RAMP with another tool to detect bots on their sites. As part of this rollout, Purch has built functionality into RAMP that prevents the serving of programmatic ads in real time to any traffic that is flagged as bots.

In addition, Purch’s capabilities include the following:

  1. All of Purch’s owned-and-operated sites have Shieldsquare, AI-driven bot detection and interception, integrated. This detection and prevention runs on every single page request. If a known bot is detected, it is automatically blocked. If the traffic is at all suspicious, the page is blocked until the user has filled out a CAPCHA to prove they are a human.
  2. Purch also runs Integral Ad Science across its O&O and partner sites, and then passes the Impression Score for each page request into the ad server. This allows Purch to actively target advertising campaigns away from anything IAS flags as non-human traffic.
  3. Lastly, the company has also integrated real-time malware blocking into RAMP, and is running it across all of its O&O and partner sites.

“There is no other header-bidding system that integrates these capabilities. Purch has the only technology in the industry that prevents the serving of ads in real time to any traffic that is flagged as bots,” said John Potter, Chief Technology Officer. “The result of all this work is that Purch has an unparalleled ability to guarantee our advertisers that our O&O and partner traffic is real, particularly compared to other companies that monetize traffic from sites that are not owned and operated.”

To learn more about Purch and its owned-and-operated sites, please visit www.purch.com.

Purch is a digital publishing and marketplace platform uniquely positioned at the intersection of content, commerce and customer. By combining in-depth product reviews, comparisons, and services with industry leading publisher technology, Purch creates a seamless connection between intent-based buyers and sellers. The company generates more than $1billion annually in facilitated commerce through its tech, shopping, lifestyle and SMB brands, including Tom’s Guide, Top Ten Reviews, ShopSavvy and Business.com. With more than 1,200 product categories, Purch is the #1source for buying advice for more than 100 million people each month.


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