Advertisers want it all when it comes to native and programmatic campaigns, according to a recent study.

Respondents to the survey of large U.S. marketer and agency decision makers say branding is the primary objective of native or sponsored-content efforts (71 percent), but sales and conversions aren’t far behind (65 percent). Similarly, respondents say sales and conversions are the top priority for programmatic campaigns (75 percent), though brand lift is also listed as a critical factor (51 percent).

“The take-away for digital content providers is that to stay ahead of the curve, you must find ways to customize and innovate on both of these offerings to achieve, and exceed, the branding and performance metrics put forth by advertisers,” says Mike Kisseberth, CRO of Purch, which commissioned the report.

The study also highlighted preferences and obstacles for each type of campaign moving forward. Not surprisingly, media buyers want their content to look and feel as close to editorial content as possible. Only a quarter of the media buyers surveyed would consider native executions that link to off-site landing pages.

And though the number of options for programmatic buying is rapidly increasing, dealing directly with publishers is still the preferred method, according to respondents. Just 23 and 21 percent preferred to deal with trading desks and DSPs, respectively.

The study was conducted by ad insight firm, Advertiser Perceptions, in Q1 of 2014.

By Michael Rondon, Folio

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