By Sarah Sluis

Purch CEO Greg Mason doesn’t see his company’s future in advertising.

Instead, he says Purch’s greatest business opportunity revolves around using content to drive commerce. By getting close enough to the point of sale to earn an affiliate fee or lead gen, he sees a way out in a market “where the traditional role of the publisher is tenuous.”

To build a company focused on “commerce facilitation,” as he calls it, Mason has embarked on an aggressive growth and repositioning effort since joining Purch three years ago. In 2014, Purch changed its name from TechMedia Network, and Mason has made six acquisitions as the head of the company.

And Purch, which includes Tom’s Guide, Top Ten Reviews, Live Science and other sites, in June raised $135 million in Series C funding for future growth.

Purch’s revenue already looks very different from that of most of its publishing competitors. Two-thirds comes from affiliate or lead generation, and only 20% from the traditional, RFP-led ad world. The remainder is produced by programmatic, which Purch optimized withRAMP, its custom header-bidding management system.

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