By Antoine Boulin

Whether shopping for shoes or reading up on product reviews, site visitors are there to accomplish a task and expect a seamless, non-disruptive experience. However, if ad placements are disruptive, slow a page’s load time, or are irrelevant to the reason they’re on the site, those users are likely to seek out alternatives.

This is why ad blockers have become such a hot topic and concern.

There are nearly 200 million users of ad-blocking software, which is expected to cost online publishers nearly $22 billion in advertising revenue this year. These numbers are sure to soon skyrocket, with ad blockers becoming available in the next version of Apple’s mobile-operating system, iOS 9, which is set to come out as early as this month.

A major reason behind this adoption is the vicious cycle publishers get stuck in when relying on display advertising for monetization. As CPMs decrease, they publish more ads to their pages, in addition to the dozens of hidden trackers and cookies. That, in turn, violates user trust, detracts from the user experience, decreases the number of visitors, and ultimately lowers ad costs that drives lower quality ads onto a page.

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