By Michael Rondon

How do you measure your brand’s performance? Do you look at the Web or print? How many readers you have, or who they are? This week, this month or this year?

You probably look at all of the above, but big data is a double-edged sword. Publishers now have so many metrics to measure their brands’ performance that it’s easy to get lost in the numbers or to give weight to areas that don’t deserve it.

We asked publishers from across the industry to weigh in on which metrics matter most to their brands.

“The programs we’ve had the most success growing are the ones with KPIs closely aligned to actual sales. Setting those initial performance ratios fairly for the marketer and publisher is at the heart of any renewing deal. Creativity can be applied in shaping the target KPIs depending on the realities attached to selling a particular product. If there is zero awareness for the product, perhaps the performance metric should include attribution for increasing awareness, for example. Whatever the flavor, if the marketer and the publisher are clear up front on the KPI, the chances of achieving success for both sides is dramatically higher.” – Mark Kisseberth, CRO, Purch

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