By George Slefo

Purch has a portfolio that includes Tom’s Hardware, Business News Daily, and Top 10 Reviews, among others. The media company says it has a combined reach of 100 million monthly users.

The company sees an ad block rate from 9% to 25% domestically across its portfolio, said Mike Kisseberth, chief revenue officer at Purch. “The more technically advanced the user, the more likely they are to block. We definitely see that,” Mr. Kisseberth said. “Our block rates are higher on Tom’s Hardware because those users are more tuned in and are more likely to jump at installing an ad blocker.”

In Europe, ad block rates reach as high as 40% for Purch. “That’s a foreshadowing clue of what’s to come here in the U.S.,” Mr. Kisseberth said. “I think it has been more talked about in Europe and people are taking advantage of it.”

Ad block rates have remained flat year-over-year at Purch. Much of that is likely due to the fact consumers are reading content on mobile phones, where ad blocking is still in its infancy, Mr. Kisseberth said. That might change as consumer adoption grows.

“If you are in this business and you are not using ad blockers you’re crazy,” Mr. Kisseberth said regarding his recent install of ad blocking software on his browser. “It is a better experience and that’s scary.”

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