Still, marketers and publishers alike have taken up programmatic buying models en masse. Eighty-five percent of advertisers use programmatic ad buying strategies and 91% expect to do so within the next couple of years, according to the interactive advertising bureau. With adoption like that it’s hard to avoid the practice. But with unsolved issues like fraud and poor ad placement, should marketers opt to avoid it?

Here, several marketing industry insiders expound on some of the pros and cons of RTB and programmatic direct, while comparing the two models and offering tips to marketers on the fence or steeped in the programmatic buying mix.


  • More efficient than manual buying

“The rise of digital channels and platforms has made the digital advertising world more fragmented. RTB allows for advertisers to make their media dollars more efficient. Buyers want a keener understand of data as a result of their ad buys.” – Maren Lau, CMO, IMS

  • Automated workflow

“You’ve automated a lot of the workflow of buying and selling digital advertising if you buy programmatic. This benefits both the marketer and the publisher.” – Mike Kisseberth, chief revenue officer, Tech Media Network

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