By John Potter

The battle against ad blockers is heating up. Last week, Facebook announced it had found a way to circumvent ad blocking technology in what is perhaps the most extreme measure against ad blocking to date. Then, only two days later, the Adblock Plus community found a way to block ads again. Now, Facebook is rolling out new code to disable Adblock’s workaround. It’s only a matter of time before Adblock comes back with another solution. In the long-term though, the fact that Facebook has total control over the advertising environment means that it will almost certainly win this battle.

In particular, Facebook brings several unique advantages to its fight against ad blockers:

  • It serves all its ads from its own domain, so the ad blockers cannot simply block http calls to that domain.
  • Advertisers buy ads on Facebook based on Facebook’s data, not their own or third-party data. Therefore, no non-Facebook sourced pixels or scripts are necessary.
  • Most importantly, Facebook offers a unique service that users running ad blockers cannot easily find a substitute for.

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